When our son Alex was going into 3rd grade I discovered that he was getting a little too much information on the playground.  It would seem that conversation amongst the boys had turned to discussion about sex and girls.  Upon my realization I decided it was time to clear up the rumors and give Alex some straight talk.  I remember it like it was yesterday, Todd was out mowing the lawn, it was a beautiful sunny day.  Quite naturally the topic came up and so heart pounding I took the plunge, explaining things I wished so much could be reserved for a day when Alex was much older and wiser.  At the close of our discussion I said to Alex, “From now on when these topics come up on the playground you can just walk away knowing that you have all the information you need!”  I continued, “In fact, when your friends bring up stuff like this you can simply change the subject, since your curiosity has been satisfied with the truth”.  Happily Alex returned to his room and I continued with the day’s chores.  An hour later or so, Todd came in from mowing the lawn and I told him about this BIG conversation Alex and I had.  I suggested he go into Alex’s room and perhaps continue the discussion from his point of view.  He did so, but was back downstairs in just a matter of minutes.  Alex came out of his room and found me in the kitchen.  He said, “Mom, dad came in my room and tried to talk to me about sex, but don’t worry, I just changed the subject to math”.

Sharing funny stories about our kids is fun and reminds us of the trials and joys of parenting!

Question:  What are some funny stories from your household?

– Angie


Comments on: "“don’t worry Mom, I changed the subject to math”" (2)

  1. that was the cutest thing ever!!!

  2. …that couldn’t have been more perfectly adorable ;-) And a great lesson about being a trustworthy source of truth for kids! Once again, something I can even apply as a volunteer & support to families! Thanks =)

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