my motherhood book

I have this book that was given to me at a baby shower when I was pregnant with our second son, Mitchell.  The title is Motherhood, the pages are blank aside from random quotes throughout about being a mother.  Upon receiving it I decided to make it a book I recorded the sweet things my boys said and did along with their bedtime prayers and whatever else I found worthy of noting throughout their childhood.  It was 1993 when I began this journey of recording life and now this book sits on the nightstand next to my bed, poised and ready to be snatched up should there be any kind of emergency.

I want you all to know about this book because there will be times when I reference it.  Within its pages are some of the sweetest prayers, funniest stories, and faith-building landmarks you could ever hope to happen upon.

There is the quarter sheet of notebook paper that says, “happy Mothers Day!!!  Love Mitchell xoxxoxxxoooo, I love you”, delivered with his entire life savings of 26 cents.  The Polaroid picture of a sprinkling of candy and gum nestled near my pillow on my bed with a note from Alex that read, “foor yuo”.   Not to mention the plethora of prayers that spilled out of our boy’s mouths on a nightly basis.  Alex at just 3 years old, “Thank you Lord, have a nice day and tell Jesus hi”.  Mitchell, the summer he was 6 years old had learned about using our talents to serve the King.  His prayer went like this, “Thank you God, that mommy has a cooking talent and a gardening talent and a sewing talent…..and that daddy has a  barbeque-ing talent and kayaking talent, Amen”.  We have many prayers recorded where Mitchell is thankful in one way or another for FOOD!  There is Mitchell’s famous quote at the ripe old age of 10 years old…“I don’t get enough money ever!!!  I need a better job!” And we must not forget the very small sticky Alex left me on the counter after having kicked a hole in his brother’s bedroom door.  The note simply read…”2 in. tall, 1/8 in. deep, and 2 in. wide”.  Yes, he had measured the hole and after much conversation and discipline we decided to leave the hole there as  a reminder for all of what happens when we lose our temper!!

Life is full, full indeed, so full that we just might forget the precious moments that weave together the fabric of our families.  I found it helpful to jot down the highlights of what was said, prayed or lived out on a sticky, I would quickly date the sticky and stick it to my Motherhood book for a later time when I could sit and write the details in a rare quiet moment.  I would challenge every parent out there to take some time and record life as it happens.  You won’t regret it!!

Question:  How can you get in the habit of recording what your kids say and do?



Comments on: "my motherhood book" (5)

  1. lisa sequeira said:

    I too kept a journal from pregnancy for my girls but the last several years I have been unfaithful to write in it. I was reminded recently, however, of something Jadi said after her first experience with raising her hands during worship. she must have been 4 or 5 (because I have the journal I can go back and look). She told me, on the way home from church, “while I was worshipping God told me, ‘I am going to grow you and grow you until you are just like my Son.'” I cried. I think it was more for me than her- she has since forgotten but I have not. I wrote it down and I have a feeling I may drawn on that as we journey though the teenage years of uncertainty. I can trust our God is growing her.

  2. Andrea Vann said:

    Love the stories of the boys! Thanks for the great idea. I will be sure start doing this from day 1. So much to look forward to!

  3. Elisa Marelich said:

    I love your stories and wish I was doing this all along. I do remember on the way to Grace Chapel, I was stressing out on my son as I said, “Chandler! You don’t have your shoes on yet?” his reply to me as he was staring out the window, “Mom, I am trying to observe God’s great creations!” What could I say to that? He knew how to knock the stress right out of me. ~=)

  4. I smile so many times as I read your bloggings ;-) Your wisdom & wit will stay tucked in my mind & help me to be a better mommy some day!

  5. Elisa,

    I LOVE that story, and yes, please write that down. What a beautiful comment from a sweet boy. I guess the shoes will have to wait=). At least they were in the car. We drove all the way down to Medford one time for our son’s soccer tournament and he had gotten in the car with no shoes on and none packed in his bag!!! Needless to say, we were not thrilled with having to purchase new soccer cleats for the end of season tournament. Ah, but it’s a good story=).

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