Over the years our boys have uttered the sweetest and sometimes funniest prayers.  I thought I would share some with you this week:

  • Alex, 3 1/2 years old: “Thank you for this wonderful day and thank you when I am scared God is with me and takes care of me and that God heals us when we are sick.  And thank you for Daddy and Mitchell and that we got to go to grandma’s today and play and thank you for my mommy!  Amen”
  • Alex, 4 years old: “Thank you for this food that it would be healthy for us and that you made it for us.  And that mommy made all this food for us, thank you for the supplies=)).”
  • Alex, 6 years old: After a day at a pond learning to fish.  “Thank you for this wonderful day and thank you that we went fishing and thank you that the fish were not there.”
  • Mitchell, 4 years old: After delivering a basket of goodies to an elderly couple in our neighborhood who were not in good health.  “Dear Jesus, Thank you for Mrs. Warren that her back hurts and that you can heal her Lord.  And you can make a miracle and make her happy and feel good again.  And thank you for Mr. Warren that he is sad for her.  In your name Lord, Amen”
  • Mitchell, 5 years old: “Thank you Jesus for you and thank you that you died on the cross and got in the tomb and then you rose from the dead, Amen”
  • Mitchell, 8 1/2 years old: “I pray that in some way my friends could tell I am a Christian and that they could see Jesus in me, Amen”.

I hope this encourages you as parents.  The Lord is using you and what you do and say to build a foundation of faith in your children.

Happy Easter!!



Comments on: "prayers" (2)

  1. Jill Cain said:

    Oh, these are precious and priceless, Angie. How can I encourage Jonathan to pray out loud? I model it for him often but he usually doesn’t want to do it himself or when he does, he whispers very quietly to himself. Maybe it’s just his sweet, shy personality and eventually he may feel comfortable to pray out loud. Just curious……

  2. Jill, Thanks so much for reading and commenting. You are doing the right thing, modeling prayer is the most important way to encourage your children to pray. I think a family prayer time is a great way for both you and your husband to pray with Jonathan. Perhaps this is already your routine. We would kneel next to one of the boy’s beds and pray together as a family each night. The habit of prayer is a wonderful resource within the family unit. It is a great time to model appreciation, confession, thanksgiving and supplication. I think his whispered prayers are sweet, and a true demonstration of his heart. The Lord is delighting in you Jill and your desire to bring Jonathan up in a loving, nurturing, Christ-centered home. Bless you!!

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