nine kinds of smart

So I went to this really great presentation on Tuesday night.  Our son Mitchell goes to Westside Christian High School and they hosted a friend of ours, Doreen Dodgen-Magee.  Doreen and her husband Thomas graduated from George Fox University with my husband and me.  She has since earned her doctorate in clinical psychology and practices here in the Portland Metropolitan area.  As you can imagine Doreen is a wealth of information, most of which is over my head.  Her topic the other night was; Nine Kinds of Smart:  Multiple Intelligences.  Wow, was this enlightening.

In her presentation she touched on the following kinds of smart:

  • Linguistic/Word Smart
  • Logical/Math Smart
  • Visual/Picture Smart
  • Kinesthetic/Body Smart
  • Naturalist/Science Smart
  • Interpersonal/People Smart
  • Intrapersonal/Self Smart
  • Existential/Spiritual Smart
  • Rhythmic/Music Smart

It was really fun sitting there trying to figure out my kids and husband.  She said in some form our personalities envelope all of the 9 kinds of smart, however 2 or 3 of them will be dominant in each of us.  In fact, as I pondered my husband and figured him out=), I became more empathetic for who he is.  It is really true when you understand someone and how they tick you have a new admiration for their gifting and make-up.

Doreen even had 9 long tables set up with manipulatives, toys, games, books and activities that enhance the learning of each kind of smart.  It was fascinating seeing the many resources and tools we have at our fingertips to help our children learn and grow into happy, healthy, intelligent young adults.  I wish so much I would have taken pictures of the tables so that I could give you all a glimpse.  I do however have a list from Doreen of what she had on each of the tables.  If you are interested in obtaining this list simply let me know by emailing me at and I will forward the list to you.


Question:  What kinds of resource are in your home to help advance the way your children learn?


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  1. Jen McCourt said:

    I love that you shared this with everyone. Our girls have had the privilege of being trained in the ‘9 kinds of smarts’ in their 4th grade class at Horizon Elementary. Emma is now a freshman in high school and she can still tell you the ‘smarts’ that she felt stronger in and those that didn’t fit her. It has also been a huge help for Megan as she transferred into public school this last year. Our girls have complete confidence in themselves that they truly have been gifted by God with strength in certain areas. What a huge blessing it has been as they continue to grow and find their way in this world.
    Let me encourage each and every one of you moms – helping your children identify their smarts (and allowing them room to grow in each area) will bless you and them as you parent.
    Get the List!!!

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