lukewarm parenting

Recently, our lead pastor, Mike Tatlock, has been challenging us in a series he is doing called, faith in real life.  As I sat and listened to another amazing sermon in this series this morning, I was struck with his challenge to NOT be lukewarm.  He was using the passage in Revelation 3:16 where God is describing how disgusted He is with the church of Laodicea because they are neither hot nor cold, but rather lukewarm.  In fact, the Lord says he is so unhappy with them that He wants to spit them out of his mouth.

Over recent years as our boys have gotten older and one has left for college I have been aware of how thankful I am for not having compromised and “caved to the culture”.  It is so very easy to do.  I remember having to make decisions that were not popular and were certainly not what their friends were doing.  I remember questioning ourselves a lot, wondering if we were being too strict, or not flexible enough.

Since our son Alex, has left for college he has returned several times for dinners and visits.  We are hearing from him just the opposite.  In fact, he said to me this last week, “do me a favor….don’t spoil Mitchell as much as you spoiled me”.  Interesting isn’t it?  What we have discovered is that the hard decisions we made and stuck to were actually very good decisions and even critical to our boys’ well being.  Alex has confirmed more than once how we were right for making certain calls on certain freedoms and privileges.

This of course has added to our confidence in making some of these decisions.  I think we all want what is best for our kids and they will do a very good job of making us feel like their most current desire is in fact what is best for them.  However, we must seek wise, godly counsel and we must take these decisions to the Lord, asking Him to reveal to us the best path for our children.  We cannot afford to be lukewarm in our parenting, or we will be sure to raise up lukewarm Christians who are complacent and compromised in their personal walk with the Lord.

We model much when we demonstrate to our children that many of the decisions we make regarding them are first and foremost brought before the Lord, scripture, and even outside wise counsel when necessary.

We say these things when we take the time to walk through this process:

  • You matter to us, we will not just “wing it” when making decisions for you.
  • The Word is essential to everyday living, we cannot live in a way that does not look first to what God has said in His Word to us.
  • Daily communication with God in prayer is a constant resource for wisdom and understanding.
  • God has allowed certain wise, experienced people in our lives that are excellent resources when in need of counsel.
  • The company we keep will affect how we live, the decisions we make, and whether we are hot, cold, or lukewarm.

I would exhort each of you to stand your ground and consider the  vast implications of the many decisions you make as you parent your children.


Question:  What decisions have you made recently that you questioned yourself in?


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  1. Oooh, good entry Ang! I am also the privileged product of two parents who stood their ground! Even though I grumbled from time to time back then, I am so thankful now!

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