As a Director of Children’s Community and a parent I have had a bird’s eye view of the connection between my children and those that lead them.  I have grown in my understanding of how important it is to seek out wise, godly mentors who can walk alongside my children in life.

If you have grade school age children and are bringing them to the same service at Grace Chapel every week you are tapping into an enormous resource.  Kidventure Summit is set up in such a way that our small group leaders commit to an entire school year of shepherding your children.  This is the beginning of the idea of mentorship in your child’s life.

However, I don’t think many parents realize this opportunity.  I think they perceive Sunday mornings as their chance to be fed, often forgetting that in fact their children are being poured into with uncommon consistency.  I would like to challenge you as parents to do 3 things!

  • Bring your child to the same service on a consistent every week basis.
  • Introduce yourself to your child’s small group leader and build a rapport with them, checking in with them regularly as to how your child is doing in small group.
  • Inform your child’s small group leader of happenings in your child’s life both personally as well as in the family as a whole.

Creating this discipline early on will set your children up for the rich experience of being mentored later in their high school years.

Check out next week when I talk more about mentors in our boy’s lives and the dramatic impact these faithful friends have had on their maturing in Christ.


Question:  Do you take the time on Sunday mornings to check in with those who lead your children spiritually?


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