As promised I want to say a few things about mentors in our kid’s lives.  One of the many blessings of attending and working on staff at Grace Chapel is getting the opportunity to rub shoulders with the amazing generation of young adult men and women just below mine.  This has been eye opening and sharpening.  As a result I have had the privilege of spending time with those younger and way cooler than me.  They are passionate, full of ideas, in love with Jesus, and excellent role models for our boys.

After having graduated one son from high school with a few bumps and bruises along the way I can speak from experience how critical it is that you be intentional about building up a team of mentors that will track with your kids through life.  The junior year of high school tends to be one of the hardest, this was true of our son.  It was the year he chose to make some unwise choices and flounder a bit in what he really believed and who he was going to follow.  It was at this time that those who had spent time investing in our son rose to a pressing level of importance.  They were the “dream team” if you will, who swooped in and spoke truth into Alex’s life as only a cool, younger than your parents, just ahead of you person can do.

Our younger son as well has had the advantage of mentors go before him and show him the way.  Currently, our youth pastor Jon Furman ranks waaay up there, Mitch is in his Life Group on Thursday nights and he will simply not miss it. Jon sends Mitch postcards in the mail that are funny and random.  He is relevant to Mitch and that is critical.   His Bible teacher at Westside Christian High School is another mentor in Mitchell’s life.  After basketball season this year, Mr. Brown asked Mitchell how he was planning to spiritually lead his team next season.  Mr. Brown is cool, smart, and devoted to bringing up young men who love Jesus.  He also takes Mitch out for wings and donuts, which happens to make Mitch really happy=)).  Having an older brother who is walking with the Lord in a passionate, sold out way certainly helps Mitch as well.  His brother has now become a mentor and for mom and dad this is just about as good as it gets.

My point is this…..if your children only have you to talk to, they will likely look to their peer group for advice and counsel in their teen years.  You can imagine how this might be a big mistake as they grapple with issues of morality, ethics, education, calling, and faith.

Below is a picture from this past Sunday, when Alex was baptized.  He is 19 and when Jon Furman asked him  why he wanted to be baptized he said, “I love Jesus, and I want my love for him to be manifested in obedience to him”.

Alex Baptism, May 17, 2009

Alex Baptism, May 17, 2009

Question:  Who are you pursuing in relationship who will be a role model for your children in the years ahead?



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  1. Jen McCourt said:

    This is an area where we are still learning. We are so thankful for Meg and Kate’s small group leaders in Summit. We couldn’t ask for better women to pour into our girls than Fudge and Pickles. In fact it makes me tear up just sitting here realizing the high quality of input our girls have gotten from these two amazing women. The challenge I find is creating those relationships outside of the people who have committed to working with youth.
    So, still growing and thankful for a graceful God who guides us in this!!

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