sweet memories

Okay so I realize I have spent several weeks now talking about some pretty heavy stuff.  I thought this week might be a great time to share a couple funny stories….kid’s do say the darndest things and every parent needs a laugh now and then.

Mitchell, when he was 5 years old came into the room where I was sewing.  I was hemming a friend of mine’s softball jersey and Mitch began watching me.  Pretty soon he said, “You know I really like the Hankee’s”.  I said, “Oh really, the Hankee’s”.  He said, “Yep, they are my favorite baseball team, the Hankee’s”.  I smiled and said, “Don’t you mean the Yankees”.  He said, “Oh ya, the Yankees” but then quickly changed his mind and said, “No the Hankees”.

I laughed a little inside and smiled at my darling son who for years now had been mixing up his words.

Later that day my brother called and I told him Mitch wanted to talk to him.  He got on the phone and told Uncle Randy that his favorite team was the Hankees!  That night at dinner I told Todd that Mitch had talked to Uncle Randy and told him his favorite baseball team was the Hankees.  Todd was trying to go along with it when Mitch said, “Ya, they have a sock team too!!”  That was it, we could not possibly contain ourselves any longer….I guess Mitch was a bit fascinated with the underwear drawer back then=).

Because our God daughter is about to graduate from high school this week, I just have to tell a little story about Sarah “Sue”.  Sarah has always been a part of our lives and she and Alex spent much of their childhood and now their teen years together.  When Alex was 7 and Sarah was 6 I was having a conversation in the car with Alex about getting married.  I asked him who he was going to marry and he smiled and said he didn’t know.  Then pretty soon he said, “Mom you know what?

Sarah in Rwanda, summer 2007.  Our families traveled together on a family mission trip.

Sarah in Rwanda, summer 2007. Our families traveled together on a family mission trip.

Sarah said she is going to marry me and I said that was okay with me.”  He smiled real big and I said, “You’re going to marry Sarah?”  He said, “Yes, I am going to marry Sarah”, with a very BIG smile on his face!

Sarah and Alex are great friends today and I am certain always will be.  I don’t think romance is in store for them but I have no doubt they will one day look at each other and say, “I have known you my whole life”!  Now that’s a blessed thing!



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