on the same team

My 19 year old told me I am amazing this week!!  I was a bit surprised, pleasantly of course.  When I asked him about it, he said that he can’t imagine coming home from a long day of work and immediately needing to make dinner for 4 hungry guys.  Alex is working full time this summer and has developed a new appreciation for many things.

As I pondered this blog post I found myself camped on loving our kids.  When both the boys were young I had their teachers approach me and say that when they had kids they wanted to sit down and talk to me about how I parented boys who loved me so much.  I found this a bit odd and had really never contemplated my boys love or devotion to me.

I remember Todd and I telling the boys as they grappled with their discipline or their disappointment over having been told “no” regarding a certain desire, that we were on their side, we were for them not against them…..in real boy terms we would say, “we are wearing the same color jerseys as you”!!

I used to tell the boys that I adored them.  One night as we were tucking in for bed, both boys voiced a desire for me to say….”I think you are great”, in lieu of the adoring words.  As you can imagine I am still capitalizing on those terms reminding the boys often that I think they are great!!

I think knowing that my boys are ever aware of my like, love, and devotion to them is one of my favorite things in life.  Like many I want to be authentically known and understood.  I want those closest to me to know exactly how I feel about them.

Parenting is tough, it is a constant battle to respond to our children with their best interest in mind.  I believe if they know at the core of their beings that I am for them not against the, I think they are great, and my love for them is not conditional they will respond to much of life confidently and assured that they have what it takes to make the right decision.


Question: How do you demonstrate love for your kids?  What are their hot buttons that say….”my mom really, really loves me”?


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