art and action

Today was our 2nd of 6 Art and Action days at Memorial Park in the city of Wilsonville.  Art and Action, formerly known as Art in the Park is a city run program for kids ages 3-10 years old.  After feeling led to ask the city what we could do for them this summer we found out about this great opportunity for Grace Chapel to get involved with families in the community.

We have staffed 20-25 volunteers for each week of Art and Action and many of you have responded by donating 90% of the craft needs for art projects.  These 2 ways of supporting the city have been a big blessing to the parks and recreation department of Wilsonville.

Art and Action is designed to create an environment for parents and kids to play games together as well as make an art project to take home.  This summer you have a relational opportunity to be a part of this ministry simply by getting outside the church walls and spending some time engaging families in the area.

The vision of this ministry of Grace Chapel is to provide a unique experience for parent/child participation.  It is easy to find a place you can pay to entertain your child in your absence.  However, our desire is to promote interaction between parent and child.  As well we see the value in asking our church attendees at Grace to spend time in the community getting to know our neighbors and making them feel welcomed and cared for.

Today was a great day!  I know I enjoyed  getting out of my office and playing in the park.  My team may not have won the sock war, but we sure had fun trying.  I also met some new people, in fact I met families from Newberg, Clackamas and Wilsonville.

Join us, we have 4 Thursdays left and you are welcome to drop in on any or all of them.  If you desire to know more be sure to visit us at:

Art and Action Sock War!!

Art and Action Sock War!!



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