welcome back fall

Welcome back fall, possibly my absolute favorite time of year.  I am certain your homes are all abuzz with the onset of school schedules, back to school nights, supply drop offs, and fall activities.  It is a wonderful time of year, a fresh start, a sweet reminder of God’s design for the earth and how one season begets another propelling us to recall the memories that linger in our hearts and minds as we re-visit season after season.

It was a crazy summer for our family in that I found myself feeding 4 grown men every night for dinner.  This of course meant multiple trips to Costco and Winco in the same week, a big no-no for this practical grocery shopping momma.  If you know me, you know I loved it, loved the buz, loved the boys, loved a full dinner table and loved the relationships that were built around it.

Thanks for  your patience as I basically took a blogging sabatical this summer, I am back now and ready to tackle the many topics that I find critical for parental thought and contemplation.



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