making the wise choice

Many times a year I tell myself parenting is not for cowards.   This morning was one of those mornings.  Our 16 year old came home with some news he shared at the dinner table last night.  At the time it hit me wrong but I let it go, until that magical moment when I laid my head down on the pillow and then ZAP, there was that thought and the angst in my soul.

I woke up thinking about it and knowing that if I was to follow my gut instinct I was going to make my 16 year old unhappy and in a pickle.  I walked over to his bedroom door and laid my hand on the door frame and prayed.  Parenting provides us with many, many opportunities to make the wise choice.  Unfortunately, the wise choice is often NOT the popular choice.

I went downstairs and decided I needed back up so I texted my parenting mentor and life long friend.  It was 6 am,  fortunately my dear friend Susie is an early riser.  I had not had much time to talk to Todd the night before and I felt this was something we needed to address before Mitch left for school this morning.  Having been married 22 years I am aware that my husband’s best problem solving skills are not demonstrated early in the morning=).  My friend Susie, heard my heart, ask some great questions, and then wisely said, “follow you heart/instincts and do the hard thing”.

I have talked about providing multiple voices in our kids lives, the power of inviting others to  invest in our kids over time.  An equally important pursuit as parents is to seek out wise voices to speak into our struggles and sometimes overwhelming situations.  I met Susie when I was pregnant with Alex and just about to embark on this life long journey of raising up the next generation.  This was God’s divine gift to me and I have used it to my advantage for almost 20 years now.

This morning I know one thing for sure……parenting is not about being popular, or even well liked.  Parenting is about using our best resources to make decisions that are in the best interest of our children with the big picture in mind.  The situation we tackled this morning (I filled Todd in once he was upright and showered=) was not easy and though on the surface may seem benign it had far reaching implications.

Next week I will be talking about parenting with the end in mind.  Stay tuned=)).



Comments on: "making the wise choice" (1)

  1. lisa sequeira said:

    I am sorry you felt anxiety but grateful that you were given the opportunity to navigate the dark waters of being stretched. The way in which you handled the situation- no taking the easy road, making painful efforts to guide behavior toward a better/holistic end will be the long term lesson that will sink in with time. It will affect your grandchildren when their daddy wrestles through his own similar struggles. It is such a full circle phenomenon, this life. Your Father presented a teachable moment as you took advantage to teaching your child. The perfection of it brings me joy! Life isn’t easy but we are not alone!! Lovin’ you dearly

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