vision casting

Yesterday, I had coffee with my mentor and dear friend Sheri Philips.  In our conversation she talked about a gal who has written a book about raising kids to be leaders.  It reminded me of speaking and praying vision over our boys in their younger years.

From the time our boys could sit up we started praying together as a family before bedtime.  These are some of my most precious moments, many of which are recorded in my Motherhood Book.  I remember Mitchell folding his hands and kneeling in line with us next to his bed praying through his binki!  We understood little but we usually caught the “maymen” at the end which signaled he was done.

For years we all 4 knelt at the bedside and prayed from the heart.  At some point I realized this was a moment I needed to seize.  God prompted me to pray vision over our boys.  I would say things like, “Thank you Lord that I know you have big plans for Mitchell and that you have created him on purpose and with purpose.  Thank you that you will reveal to him what it is you specifically want to do through him.”  I would also use the time to affirm their dad and cast vision for being men.  I would say, “Thank you Lord for our daddy who works hard every day and provides us with a nice home to live in and good food to eat.”  Boys are growing into men and men carry a heavy burden in life to provide for and protect their families.  I wanted them to appreciate their daddy as well as understand their one day role as the head of their households.  I also wanted my husband to hear me acknowledge his hard work and devotion to us.  Another thing I said regularly in prayer is, “Thank you Lord that Mitchell belongs to you and that he is a kid of the King”.

Much of this preparation and vision casting was laying the ground work for our boys being rooted in Christ and confident in their calling.

When Mitch started public middle school I was apprehensive.  I remember dropping him off in front of the school and praying for him all the way home.  It seemed he was entering a battle field every day and I would pray that the armor of God was fastened securely about him.  I started saying to him as he would get out of the car…“remember who you belong to”.  Of course he knew because in bedtime prayers I was constantly reminding him.

As parents we have many things to think on, worry about, stew over, and stress out about.  We also have the ultimate Author of Life, who has said “never will I leave you, never will I forsake you”.  Don’t miss out on tapping into the power and perfection of Jesus.  He is our guide, our strong tower, our peace amidst the storm……..

AND He does have plans for your children and their future.


Mitchell’s binki and his first hair cut!

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