The Last Time

There are many last times in life. The other day I was shopping at Winco watching mom’s with their small children sitting in the cart seat. I thought to myself, there was a last time that I buckled Mitch into that seat and traipsed through the grocery store with him in tow.

Farewell Staff Meeting, Feb. 2010

Over my years of parenting I have learned to cherish more and more the last times. I remember kissing Mitchell’s “peachy soft” cheek when he was in middle school thinking one day that sweet soft skin would cease to exist. Life has a way of creeping up on you and honestly the Lord is gracious to keep many “last times” an unknown mystery.

Now of course after having experienced so many last times I find myself reflective and nostalgic. The last time I held hands with both our boys, the last time I laid in bed and told knock knock jokes with Mitchell who happens to be very good at original knock knock jokes. The last time our family knelt by a bedside and prayed before bedtime. The last time I slept with a boy easing his pain over being sick all night long. The last time I read the boys a bedtime story. The last time we bathed the boys in the bathtub before graduating to an independent shower. I could go on and on… you can see with a 17 and 19 year old I have had some time to think about the sweetness of parenting and the joy of being “Mom”.

Today brings me to yet another last time. Today I will walk out of my office at Grace Chapel for the last time. I have spent 8 years in this office morphing into God’s divine plan for me. He has molded, shaped, broken, and restored me more times than I can count. I have cried, laughed myself silly, danced around the office, rejoiced, and grieved on this amazing ride called ministry. It has been pure privilege to be called up to a place where He would entrust me with such responsibility and burden.

Because the Lord is gracious to us in all the best ways He keeps it a secret when many of our last times transpire. However, He also reveals to us, like for me today, last times that lead to the next step. I will never forget my journey here at Grace Chapel, in many ways it has made me who I am today.

My heartfelt appreciation to many of you who have walked this road with me. Your encouragement, appreciation, and applause have motivated and humbled me. I will never be the same!




Comments on: "The Last Time" (2)

  1. Jen McCourt said:

    You have walked in those last times well and been an encourager for all the rest of us to understand last times and cherish the time we have with our children. It has been a pleasure to walk with you as a mom, and to serve with you! Go with His blessings knowing you will be missed.
    love you, Jen

  2. Janelle Furman said:

    Bon Voyage — on ths next blessed adventure! You are loved! Janelle

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