The Joy of Family!

Spring Break is more than halfway over and many of you are squeezing out the last bits of vacations, day trips, and family fun before life regains it’s normal routine of school and work. These are special times when memories are made and the fabric of family is embroidered with new detail.

This week we would love to hear YOUR special moments! They could be from 30 years ago or just yesterday… Let’s encourage each other, give ideas, and share laughter as we reflect on those moments that make up our family legacies!

Here’s one of mine…

I was about 11 and my mom took me and our yellow lab, Sunny, to a local lake for a picnic. We talked over snacks and I loved having her all to myself! At one point we were throwing a stick in the lake for Sunny to fetch and I started racing her to the water’s edge. I joked that I should race her into the water -and my mom said, “Go for it!” I sloshed through the water in my clothes and we laughed hysterically as tried in vain to beat Sunny to the stick. That day my mom taught me the joy of spontaneity, simple fun, and the comforting realization that “That’s what washing machines are for…” It’s a memory we will both treasure forever!

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  1. Janelle Furman said:

    What a fun “blast to the past” – Cheryl!

    Spring Vacation for us always meant pulling out ALL my brother’s Lego sets from his huge storage under the bed and building EVERY SINGLE SET using the directions! Wow! It was a ton of fun – engrossed the fam in something that was enjoyable – yet highlighted one family member in a special way! Interesting how the touch point with that hobby paid off later as I married a “Lego kind of guy”… :)

  2. Sandii Chase said:

    So fun Cheryl! Thanks for your idea – I’m looking forward to hearing these from people!
    My memory is much the same and yet one that I know will likely stick with me even longer than it will my boy. When our son Christian was about 6 years old we were standing inside of a Target store getting ready to leave, along with a crowd of about 6-8 people who were stalling to wait for the extraordinary (even for Oregon) torrential downfall of rain to dissipate. Christian, with very eager eyes and excitement in his voice says “let’s run it mommy!” Without any regard to my typical orderly ways (or concern for my already large hair getting even larger after the rain :)), I responded with “let’s do it!” and out into the bucket-filling drops of rain we went! There’s no question that the lesson was all mine – in that very moment my son reminded me of the importance of seizing the moment and savoring every experience – rain or shine! :)

  3. Jessica Chesbrough said:

    Such a fun idea! It’s always great to look back on memories that bring closeness with those we love so much. =)

    One of my favorite family memories is actually a reoccurring tradition with my new family! Jordan’s family takes a week long vacation every spring and because we all live in different parts of the country, it’s the only time all year that we’re all in one place! I love unplugging from the normal routine and being able to enter in fully to family time and memory making. We just arrived home this week from my 4th trip and I’d have to say a highlight from this year was when we all watched the sunrise together on the last day, a beautiful reminder that there’s always next year coming! =)

  4. Jen McCourt said:

    When Gary and I were young and newly in love we picked a wedding date. We had forgotten the concept of the school calendar – March 24 – the first day of our new life together; and yes, it is always the same time as spring break. oops!

    So, for the last several years we have celebrated our anniversary with our girls. At first that seemed like a bummer, but as I get older and the number of our anniversary gets bigger – I am increasingly thrilled to spend that evening with the girls. Gary and I work at carving out time for just the 2 of us, but I enjoy celebrating our love and talking through marriage memories with the girls.
    I want them to grow up and hear the gentle nudging of God as He guides them to the man He has designed for their lives. I want them to believe they deserve to love and be loved! I want them to know that love doesn’t make everything easy, but it makes even the hard things worthwhile. And, I want them to know beyond a shadow of doubt that our marriage would not work without Jesus Christ at the center.

    So, I gladly share my anniversary every spring break, and celebrate the gifts that are Emma, Meg and Kate too!

  5. Megan Lowmaster said:

    I remember one family vacation we flew somewhere and then got in a rental car to drive to a hotel. My dad has a great sense of humor, especially when we are all tired. We just get into the car and my dad says, “Stupid brake.” And we were all like what? He said, “Well there is a note here on the dash that says depress break before driving!”

  6. My favorite Spring Break memory was my senior year in high school when my best friend and I took a road trip to Oregon (from Washington). I had finalized my admission to the University of Portland and we decided to pay the campus a visit. Along the way we got lost multiple times, stayed with random family friends at the coast and talked and talked and talked. We knew that things were going to change quickly, even though we couldn’t IMAGINE what that would end up looking like, we knew it would never be as it was. So we relished every moment, even those that would normally turn stressful. We took hours to get to the coast when it should have taken less than two. We went the wrong way down one of PDX’s infamous one way streets and forgot our sweatshirts more than once. That week of impulse cemented our friendship for the years of distance that came. Ten years later we are still best friends and look forward to the day our children find their own best friends to wander to the coast with…

  7. You ladies rock! These are great memories & it’s fun to see glimpses into each other’s lives :) Hope you’re all enjoying them as much as I am!

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