A few years ago I heard a sermon about God’s intentionality. It was a call to know more deeply the lengths to which God goes to show His love for us, as well as a challenge to reciprocate with our own intentionality. “God is a God of preparation,” the pastor said, “He has loved us with a prepared love.” He gave examples of how preparation shows care and value, like his wife cleaning, cooking, and decorating for guests… while he tended to just open the door and order pizza.

It wasn’t that he didn’t care, he explained, but that he just hadn’t taken the time to think ahead, to think of the people coming. His call was that we think about God, who He is, and how to give Him our best, as well as thinking of others in light of God’s prepared love.

This lesson of preparation is one that God has spoken to me again and again. One day He gave me a word-picture that really brought it home: a well-rooted tree. With time, effort, and consistency the tree puts its roots deeper and deeper into the soil. The roots not only bring sustenance to the tree, but prepare it to weather hardship. If a drought hits or a hurricane blows a well-rooted tree can remain strong –if it’s not well-rooted… well, it can’t grow deep roots in an instant. The tree will likely shrivel or be knocked over.

These “roots” are our choices, our relationships, our support-systems; they are where we make investments. How do we prepare for the future with our investments today? What does that look like in our relationship with God? What does that look like for parenting/mentoring kids?

On Friday April 23, 2010 (7-9:30p) there is a great opportunity to invest in your children’s future. Cedar Mills Bible Church will be hosting a Parenteen Conference with author, seminary professor, and former youth pastor, Chap Clark. “BUT MY CHILD IS SIX (or nine, or four)!” I hear you say… “PERFECT!” is my response. As an 8-year veteran of working with infants to adolescents, one thing I know for sure is that right now you are raising your future teenager. There’s no better time to start helping your child dig down roots than… now :)

We hope you will join us as Chap shares tools to help you “parent with the end in mind.” May your investment of this evening enable you to give your child the benefits of loving preparation. I know I’ll be taking notes for my future kiddos…

See you there!


1 Corinthians 2:9
Ephesians 2:10


Comments on: "Preparation, Deep Roots… and Raising Your Future Teenager" (1)

  1. BJ Quimba said:

    I love your perspective on this. The well-rooted tree is an awesome picture of preparation. Thanks for the shout-out to parenteen too!

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