The Lone Weed

My husband went out this past Saturday – as he does so faithfully – to work on our yard; primarily the grass. He tirelessly worked to edge, weed, and mow the front lawn…making sure it looked as great as it could. I love that about him. He is such a diligent, faithful, and hard working man.

He will work until the job is not only done, but always maintains that he will “finish strong.” In the process, he’s teaching not only me that valuable lesson, but the two other wonderful people in our household – ages 14 and 10.

Even after all of his hard work, today I looked out the window to this recently mowed lawn and, much to my surprise, there was ONE lone weed sprouting very high (6”), smack dab in the middle of the yard. I can honestly say that with all of his diligence and commitment to tending our yard for the sixteen years we’ve lived in this home we have never had a dandelion poke up like that before – especially just right after the lawn had been attended to.

Consider with me for a moment; is there any correlation between our parenting and that dandelion? Is there significance that even with hard work and dedication, a weed – moreover sin, can rear its ugly head if we are not paying close attention to praying for our kids daily? Now, let’s get real…obviously sin has a far greater repercussion than a weed in your grass. However, the point is still relevant that as parents, our prayer life needs to be a daily – sometimes hourly event– not just a once-a-week hobby.

May we all subscribe to being the gardener of our child(s)’ live(s)’. As a parent, I know that I want to do the hard work, prayerfully helping to maintain the deep root system that allows my kids to be “…raised up in the way they should go” and finish strong themselves. I know the Master Gardner, God Almighty, and I want to be on my knees – even when it’s in the dirt and grime of pulling weeds – fervently praying for my kids…to be on the lookout for any potential “lone weeds.”

Click here to sign up for a website with free resources on praying for your kids. And please share -what has helped you “tend the garden” in praying for your kids?

-Sandii Chase


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