“The goal of parenting is to connect kids to their community.” This phrase resonated with me as I sat listening to Chap Clark at the Parenteen Conference last week. He was talking specifically to parents in that moment, but throughout the night he expressed that resourcing a child to become an autonomous adult is the collective job of the adults in that child’s life. Parents need to connect kids to their community, but we as significant adults in their world are that community. It was challenging, but also reassuring and inspiring!

Every Sunday, when you wake up your children, get them dressed, feed them breakfast, and bring them to church you’re giving them the opportunity to be in a community of people who echo what you speak into their lives all week.  I love thinking about the volunteers who serve each week, providing consistency, a warm welcome, leading worship, acting out a Bible story, leading small groups, and more! They are helping your children know that adults care about them, that they matter, and that they belong.

Whether it’s encouraging their creative ability with a macaroni picture, or taking a trip to Windfield Village to read and play games with the residents, we as a community of adults surround your children with love and invite them to grow into who God created them to be. It’s our honor and our responsibility.

Chap had a lot of great information for parents and all of us who work with children and teens. I hope this small nugget from that night encourages you, as parents and volunteers, to see the value in what you do! For more on Chap’s research check out his book, “Hurt.”

For the Children’s Community,



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