Spotlighting Moms

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Mother’s Day. I loved it because my mom is wonderful and a whole day devoted to her is just splendid. But on the other hand, my birthday always falls right around or on Mother’s Day and sharing the attention was not what the teenage me was interested in doing. (Don’t worry, now I like sharing the day with her!) But isn’t it true that moms often get pushed off to the side and fail to get the attention they deserve for all their blood, sweat, and tears of parenting? Raising kids is a HARD job and we want to take a minute and say thanks to each of you. To all our moms, “Happy Mother’s Day”, may you be blessed as you care for your kids at whatever age and stage!

Jessica’s family, Mother’s Day brunch (1991?)


In honor of Mother’s Day we thought we would invite you to share with us something you love about your mom, a story about you and your mom or a Mother’s Day memory. Check out what the GC staff has to say about their moms:

On Mother’s Day one of my mom’s favorite memories to reflect on is the day I realized that she, in fact, is a person. I was about 6 and as we sat eating dinner one night I just looked at my mom dumbfounded. “Mom… you’re a person! Like, you’re not just my mom! You’re just you!” She roars with laughter every time we talk about it. Moms give so much and their world’s can really seem to revolve around their kids. Every Mother’s Day I thank my mom for her sacrifice and for being the person who shaped who I am by who she is!

I remember many years ago going to the Colombia River Gorge for a Mother’s Day Brunch. At the time, for me, this was complete torture. And, to make it even worse my mom and I wore matching black and white polka-dot dresses. For days we argued, but now its one of our favorite stories -making it a very special moment and year in our lives… and of course, one of my favorite pictures!!! Who can top matching their mom in a polka dots? My favorite thing about my mom is her laugh- a laugh that you can recognize from miles away!! And, inevitably her sense of humor :-)

When I was six years old I remember walking into our 70’s shag carpet living room to talk with my mom. Standing next to the avocado green recliner (nostalgia takes me back to the striped turtle neck Burt and Ernie like shirt I was wearing)I blurted out what I thought was a brilliant mind trap, “Mom, guess what the greatest surprise in life will be?” With that indulged look of both curiosity and bewilderment she responded with an enthusiastic, “What”. Eager to spill the beans I answered, “When we die we get to find out if we are in Heaven or in Hell.” I’m sure in that moment my mom was delighted that I had brought up something more significant than my usual Scooby Doo analysis. My mom’s face lit up as she anticipated her reply, “Michael you can know right now before you die whether you are going to Heaven or Hell.” It was that day that my mom revealed to me the vintage simplicity of the Gospel.

The most amazing attribute that I remember about my mom is that she was so self-sacrificing. I remember her working at our church preschool and then using her money to buy us new cleats or whatever. She always and still goes above and beyond for her kids. I truly believe my mom instilled a sense of generosity in me and my sister. Not because she lectured about generosity and selflessness but because she was generous and selfless. Something modeled like that over time is sure to make an impact!! It did!!

The Mother’s Day that sticks out to me is my first Mother’s Day. I was privileged to celebrate it with my 8 month old baby, my sister (who was a brand new 1 month mommy), my mom and my mom’s mom. 4 generations of women around the table. A strong legacy of believing and trusting in a faithful God has been a gift in my life and that Mother’s Day it was highlighted in a new way for me as I held my sweet Emma.


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