Came across this ingenious little find… not sure how well they work, but the concept seems brilliant! These are called “inchworm shoes” and are designed to keep your kids from outgrowing them too fast. They’re about $20 and “grow” in half-size increments up to a full size bigger when expanded.

Anyone tried these? (What I really want to know is do they make the same cool sound as a bendy straw when pulled apart…) Or do you have other suggestions to help stretch the family dollar on kids’ stuff? Please share!


Comments on: "Just for fun… What will they think of next?" (3)

  1. Alyssa E. said:

    I think I used to have a pair of rollerblades similar to these. They were weird.

  2. Oh my word! I forgot about those! They attached over your shoes and had adjustable locks for size on the sides! I think they were Fischer Price… and they were pretty bad ;-) I think these shoes look a little better quality.

  3. Brittany said:

    I love that idea!!

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