Guest Blogger: Bernadette

Hello Kidventure blog readers! We are excited to introduce you to our guest blogger for the week, Bernadette Tatlock, not only the wife of Pastor Mike, but also a parent in the Kidventure ministry. Thanks Bern for sharing your heart, we are blessed!


How does my child LEARN?

My daughter, Mikiah, loves to watch the cooking channel. Our favorite shows are “The Next Food Network Star”, “Food Network Challenge” and “Chopped”. I love that we enjoy something together. The other day Mikiah got some play dough out and decided that if she rolled it out she could make it appear like “fondant”. Now really how many 6th grade girls know what fondant is? She made square cakes and then rolled on her smooth fondant. The other night she asked if she could make dinner for all of us. I, of course, go into my “show” mode and begin to show her how to do everything. I wanted to get it done quickly, so I had my hands in each step not really allowing her to fully make anything. She got bored and pretty quickly I lost my little helper. I learned a lesson that day…let Mikiah succeed or fail on her own. I was reading a parenting devotional the other day and it gave a great quote on how kids learn:

“Tell me and I will forget

Show me and I will remember

Involve me and I will understand”

I learned that the only way Mikiah would be able to fully learn and experience the joy of cooking is to not only show her how to do it, but then let her do it all by herself. Guess what Mikiah made the whole meal for us the following week without any help.

I can tell my children about Christ, and I can illustrate with Bible stories, but more importantly if I involve them in my journey with Christ they will understand. I am sure that the desire of each of you as a parent is to see your child experience an incredibly rich relationship with Christ; to be able to have their own growing journey with their Lord. I can’t think of any better way of doing this than to invite them into the ways the Lord meets you. When I am royally failing as a parent and my kids say something like: “Mom needs to go back to bed”, and yes they have said that. I can take this opportunity before my kids get hurt to show them my heart. I have sat down many times and apologized to both my kids. On the other side when the Lord shows me something in my walk or in my quiet time I love sharing it with my kids. I am inviting them into the ups and downs of my life to help them understand where Christ can meet them in their own lives as they grow and mature.


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