Art & Action 2010

We’re 2 days in & are really enjoying our partnership with the City of Wilsonville for Art & Action! If you’ve been able to join us, we hope you’ve been having fun, too! If you weren’t able to register this year, we hope that these pictures will inspire you to join in the fun next year -or even give you ideas for things you can do with friends at home!

Check out what we’ve been up to so far & stay tuned this week for more pictures!

Here's our buddy Lance (better known as "Action" from our daily skits!). He's combined the stylishness of a headband with the refreshing hydration of a juice box -perfect for a day full of ACTION!!!

Bern explains how to cut, staple, and decorate today's craft.

Brain had a blast helping kids draw fire breathing dragons & rows of flowers on paper bags before making them into windsock kites.

Getting ready for flight!

Almost done... :)

...and the final product emerges! Pretty soon the entire field was filled with kids running with their kites flying behind them!

What more fun could we fit into our time?...


Well, not tie-dye and parachute at the same time of course. Hmmm... maybe next year!

Stay tuned to see what else we're up to this week! Sorry if you want to know right now... our lips are sealed :)


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