Art & Action -The Finale!

What a week!!! Here’s the final installment of Art & Action 2010 pictures. We hope you had a blast & that you’ll join the fun next year!

Only good can come of this many water balloons...

Watch out!

Which team can fill the bucket the fastest?!?!

That umbrella won't save you, Chris!

It's a good thing Chris & Kyle filled so many... those balloons come in handy :)

Our volunteers are the best! Thanks, Vanessa & Katie!

Hmm.... we don't think that shirt is yours, Jordan! ;-)

A great week of making new friends :)

It's important to have a good snack to recharge!

Red Team's leaders rock!

The kids aren't the only ones having fun this week :)

Tag! You're it!

Pick me! Pick me!

We're super excited to check out today's art!


These drums rock :)

With boomerangs the fun never ends... but, sadly, Art & Action does! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!


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