Above All Else

 Have you ever had moments when you felt inadequate as a mother, and with that felt tremendous guilt?

I was praying with a friend the other night and expressing how inadequate I feel as a mom. I think the enemy’s number one goal in us as moms is to get us to think we have failed our children. That with each mistake and lack of patience we demonstrate to our children that we have somehow ruined there chances of becoming stable adults. The Lord really taught me a lesson that night and showed me how much he not only loved me with all my false beliefs, but how much more he loved my children. He told me that night that He has my children; he created them and has a purpose for them. I can strive to be the best mom for them, but in the end they are my heavenly Father’s children. I needed to let the Lord have my children.

God showed me that sometimes the things I have done that I think are detrimental to my children the Lord is using to shape them into who he wants them to be. I think it all boils down to the simple release of my attempts to control my children, and having the faith to trust the Lord in his direction for them. I had to ask myself, “Do I think you are trustworthy, Lord”? This of course does not negate the calling I have as a mother to train my children in the way of the Lord. Trusting the Lord with my parenting doesn’t mean I neglect my mistakes, but it means that I need to depend on Him to make me adequate where I am inadequate. This is the greatest responsibility as a mom. It means that the Lord doesn’t want me to live in guilt about what I should have or should not have done. He told me that night that I was a good mom; the perfect and only mom for my kids.

My deepest desire for you is that you can see yourself how God sees you, as the perfect mom for your kids. I came across a poem today that puts everything I have been learning into perfect words. This puts into perspective how important it is that I show my children who their Heavenly Father is to them personally. That when I fail he will not!

Above All Else: Stormie Omartian

So much to say
And just a lifetime left to say it
How quickly time passes
If I had my way
I’d keep you safe within my arms
While the storm of life crashes
I won’t always be with you, my child
But words I can give
When the winds of hope are dying down
These words will live

Above all else
Know God’s the One
Who’ll never leave you
Look to Him
Above all else

He is love you can depend upon
A heart set to care
If in the darkest night
You should be lost
He will be there
I won’t always be with you, my child
But words I can give
And when the winds of hope are dying down
These words will live

Above all else
Know God is good
And you can trust Him
Look to Him
Above all else

He’s the Everlasting Father
In His hands you’ll never fall
He’s the One who holds it all
Above all else

He’s the Author of your laughter
He’s the keeper of your tears
He’s the one who you must fear
Above all else

So much to say
And not enough time left to say it
Just love the Lord
Above all else

Post by Bernadette Tatlock, Children’s Community Director


Comments on: "Above All Else" (3)

  1. Jeanie Williams said:

    Thank you for this! I loved it and needed it. As mothers we can feel tremendous guilt about not being the perfect mom and making mistakes. This helps

  2. well said bernadette- thank you so much for opening up your heart to share your story. i think most all mothers feel the same way and such a wonderful reminder of how we need to “let go and let him” often. blessings to you and your family :) richelle

  3. Jessica Varwig said:

    Thank You for taking time to share this. As a fairly new mom I always question my ability! Love your aspect on motherhood! So comforting to know that God thinks Im doing a great job with his little one!

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