Dads & Daughters

When I was growing up, there were certain things my dad and I shared. The one that sticks out the most in my memory is our shared love of basketball. After a one year stint as a cheerleader at the age of 5, I knew that being in the game, not in a dress on the sidelines, was for me. Playing basketball, even at the young age of 6, was a way for my dad and I to connect. He was my coach for many of the early years and after each game we’d hash over what went well, what didn’t, and what we should work on at next practice. As the years went on, I was never the best player on the team, but having my dad be there to encourage me and talk through the strategies was such a highlight!

Me, my Dad, and his Harley, taking me on my first ride!

In a world with so many broken families and girls with absent fathers, I look back on my chidhood and am so grateful for the time spent with my dad. My dad was the one who baptized me when I fully understood what a relationship in Christ was. I inherited the logical, practical, figure-it-out part of my personality from him. When I moved out to Oregon from Michigan, he took time off work to drive out with me. We still have fun conversations about our favorite TV shows, and I know I can call him anytime for advice on how to ‘fix’ almost anything.

I hear stories from many friends on how they are intentional as dad’s; taking their daughters out on dates, getting involved in their sporting events, or finding a common point of interest to relate with their daughter. I love hearing these stories because I know girls need their fathers to be positive role models in their lives.

So Dads, what are you doing to be intentional in your daughter’s lives? How are you being that positive role model of a godly Christian man that every girl needs in their lives? If you’re a single mom with daughters, how are you allowing positive Christian male role models into their lives? I’d love to hear ideas of what’s going well to pass on to those who may have more of a struggle!

Post written by Meredith Malkowski, Director of K-5th Children’s Community

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  1. Ok, now you got me crying. Luv ya Meredith.


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