Toys & Clothes

I was watching Shark Tank the other day, the show where really rich people listen to regular people pitch business ideas and ask them to invest in those ideas. Often the ideas are crazy, and the ‘sharks’ just laugh them out, but sometimes the sharks fight over the business idea. One of the fought over ideas this particular episode showed was a lady who started an online toy swapping business called Toygaroo.

Calling themselves the ‘netflix’ of toys, Toygaroo allows you to swap out toys every other month! You can choose which toys you’d like to have, dependent on your age of kids, and how long you’d like to keep them. Once your kids are ready for new toys, you just ship the box back and they’ll send you more…free shipping included in your monthly fee.

I also heard about this idea being applied to clothes on a site called ThredUp. This site allows you to list your own boxes of clothes and swap them for someone else’s box of clothes (all in good condition, of course). And it’s only $5 (plus shipping) per box. What a great way to get ‘new to you’ clothes for your kids without breaking the bank!

In a time when most people are looking for ways to save money, these websites are a great way to help out!

Post by Meredith Malkowski, Director of K-5th, Children’s Community


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  1. Brittany said:

    Sweet!! Thanks for the info!!

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