A question that has been on my heart lately is, “How am I training my children to be lovers of Jesus?” Is my conversation with them helping them to pursue how and what the Holy Spirit might be saying to them in a given situation? I want to cultivate in my children the knowledge of the Holy Spirit. That He can speak to them as children just as powerfully as he does with adults. This can only happen if we encourage them in their own spiritual journey. Affirming things that they are processing in their own maturity and not discounting the fact that the Lord is speaking to them.

I have seen this in my own daughter, Mikiah. This last Christmas she came to me and felt like the Lord was telling her that she didn’t need any gifts for Christmas, but that she wanted to give all of her money to someone that needed it. Of course my heart leaped with joy that my daughter got it, and of course those that know me; I cried as well. It was an amazing opportunity for me to affirm what she felt and that it was the Holy Spirit in her life putting that call on her.

What I would love to do for this blog entry is hear your stories and thoughts. How have you seen the Spirit speak to your kids? How have you been able to cultivate that in your kids? I am really excited to learn and hear from you, and to be able to provide a dialogue between us as parents on what we can do.


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  1. Our middle girl Megan has a huge heart of compassion. She struggles every time she sees someone on the side of the road with a desire to help.

    As her parents, it has been hard for us to figure out how to foster this aspect of her heart.

    Last winter I took Meg to the beach for the weekend – just the 2 of us. We ran to Fred Meyer for some socks(oops!). On our way out of the parking lot we passed by a woman and then a couple minutes later a man with his dog, both asking for help. I saw Meg’s whole being just melt and so I turned around.

    We took some money to both the lady and the man with his dog. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart – not about these individuals, but about the heart of my daughter and affirming His voice in her heart.

    We don’t always find it easy – but we believe it is vitally important to affirm the voice of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

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