Easter Stories

Do you ever wonder whether your kids are fully grasping what you teach them, especially when it comes to Jesus?  I know I often underestimate what my almost 5 year old daughter can understand.  Sometimes I even hold back from talking to her about certain things just figuring that it will go over her head.  Well, this Easter was special for me as she shared her thoughts about Easter:   She said “I know Easter isn’t about a bunny mom but we celebrate because Jesus died on the cross & then 3 days later he “rised” up & “he lives in heaven now”.  I was so excited to hear her say that all on her own & it brought tears to my eyes.  She then said, “I am so glad that Jesus is taking care of my “Pop” until I get there to see him again.”  At this point I am fully crying (happy tears) & thanking Jesus that my daughter is processing all of this.  I am so excited to continue our conversation & I want to encourage you to talk with your kids-They understand more than we think sometimes!!

So, that is my great Easter memory for this year……..Do you have a favorite memory/story from this Easter?  We would love for you to share!

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