Well Child Guidelines

Our desire is to offer a safe, healthy, quality ministry to children. Children with the following symptoms cannot be left in the class. If any of the symptoms become apparent while the child is in our care, the parent will be asked to pick them up.

  • Child must be symptom free from cold or flu for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • No Yellow/green runny nose
  • Elevated fever during the past 48 hours (without the use of fever reducing medication)
  • Eye drainage or infection
  • Contagious rash and specifically any open wound caused from itching a rash.
  • Persistent coughing or sneezing that is not allergy related.
  • Diarrhea

healthy habits

With the onset of flu season we want to inform you of CDC recommendations for proper health hygiene and prevention of flu onset/spread:

  • Excellent hand washing hygiene, using a liquid based soap and warm water.  Alcohol based hand sanitizers are a viable replacement when water and soap are not available.
  • Strict adherence to hand washing after use of the restroom. 
  • Train your children to cough/sneeze into their elbow (not hands!) or to cover their nose/mouth with a tissue when possible.  Also, wash hands after blowing/wiping the nose.
  • Children should not attend class for 7 days after their symptoms began or until they have been symptom free for 24 hours.

For further recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention visit their website at www.cdc.gov.

It is imperative that every family adhere to these guidelines in an effort to keep Kidventure a healthy environment for kids and volunteers.Thank you for your help!

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